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  1. Gonzales4

    Crypto concept Illustration using Affinity

    Hey, I need your help. I even don't have better knowledge in crypto. But I would like to learn. I have been following a crypto tools which helps to get all the latest updates and news at one place https://cryptolinks.com/ Does anyone try this kind of crypto tool yet?
  2. Hello all, Sorry if topic doesn't fit here. I need your suggestion. I have a new website based on art images. Now it will be good for my website to add more category. I have almost every niche like- sports, gift, animal, followers, education and many more. The website is here http://clipartmonk.com/category/wedding What is your suggestion? Thank you!
  3. Gonzales4

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Welcome to the community. Glad to see your post here. Though I don't have better knowledge on this. But I am interested to learn.