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  1. I tried make something like below(use svg). so, i wrote text and i masked text by triangle shape to cut the text, and i export it as a svg file. below code is part of result. <g> <clipPath id="_clip1"> <path d="M60.057,71.617l-26.106,-8.149l28.46,-19.098l-2.354,27.247Z"/> </clipPath> <g clip-path="url(#_clip1)"> <path d="M44.529,58.826l9.834,0l0,30.936c0,4.045 -0.356,7.157 -1.067,9.335c-0.955,2.845 -2.689,5.128 -5.2,6.851c-2.512,1.722 -5.823,2.583 -9.935,2.583c-4.823,0 -8.534,-1.35 -11.134,-4.05c-2.601,-2.701 -3.912,-6.662 -3.934,-11.885l9.301,-1.067c0.111,2.801 0.522,4.779 1.233,5.934c1.067,1.756 2.69,2.634 4.868,2.634c2.2,0 3.756,-0.628 4.667,-1.884c0.911,-1.255 1.367,-3.861 1.367,-7.817l0,-31.57Z"/> </g> </g> but i expected <polygon points="359.9,49.6 359.8,49.7 359.9,49.8 "/> this kind of code. how can i get polygon tag and simpler code?