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  1. Many thanks again MEB. I did not check the format but will watch all details from now. I think JPEG though - nothing too large. SAF
  2. Again new to AP iPad I have twice come across a glitch where the app freezes on a page that looks like lined white notepaper. Top it says "Choose a new location to add this item". Left there is an unclickable blue "Cancel" prompt; right an unclickable grey "Add" prompt. Then the image file in the middle top. Last time this happened I had no choice but delete the app and reload it from the app store. Can someone explain why this is happening as I try to save the image.
  3. I am utterly new to Affinity iPad. One thing baffled me. Right now I use Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. Not on iPad. So on iPad I need a way to batch re-name images, caption and keyword them within the metadata. Is this possible or would I need to import to another app before developing the image in AP?