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  1. So, its 3 weeks by now and i still dont have any presets to choose from and the programm keeps preventing me from creating my own. Sending bug reports didnt help either. I begin to feel a bit sad about my purchase :-/
  2. Hi HVDB Fotografie, thanks for your reply. These are my computer specifications and i also added them to my signature for future uses: Computer specifications: Windows 10 / 64 bit / i7-4600U (2,10 - 3,30 GHz) with Intel HD-Graphic 4400 / 8 GB RAM Greetings
  3. Hi Callum, thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions but nothing has changed. The program still crashes when i try to import a preset or when i try to create a new category. I really have now clue about a possible cause. I am using the program on a Windows 10, 64 bit system. I thought about deleting and downloading/reinstalling the program, but im not sure whether that would be an easy process because of the missing disc and the already activated license (?) At first sight i couldnt find any download link thats not hidden behind a "purchase" button. Greetings
  4. Hi there, I bought Affinity Photo and the belonging workbook. There is a chapter about tone-mapping at around page 170 (the window poject). It tells me to give different presets in the tone-mapping persone a try and play around with them. But when i click on the tone-mapping persona there are no presets. Or in other words the presets-panel is there, but it is empty. I downloaded the standard presets from this forum but when i try to import them the program keeps crashing. The same happens when i try to create a new category in the presets-panel. I already tried to reset the tone-mapping presets, but the problem persists. Any advice? Greetings from Germany
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