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  1. Hello, I've opened a file but all X and Y values are in mm. How to change them into points without creating a new document? Thx in advance! Luke,
  2. Hello, I'm wondering how to convert A4 picture into A5 picture in Affinity Designer? In other words I have 100% picture and without dragging picture I would like to have 50% picture size. Thx in advance for your precious help :). Luke,
  3. It might help! Thx firstdefence!
  4. Hello, I have one question about inserting new artboards. As I know when I create a new artboard it shows up on the right side another artboard shows up next to the previous on the right. Is it possible to insert a new artboard for example below the artboard? What I mean is that I don't want to drag arboards all the time from one place to another. Thx in advance!
  5. thanks MEB! the case is closed
  6. Thanks to stokerg I have no problem with moving frames. Yeah!
  7. hello, I've made progress recently. The frame is moving but only a little bit but the vertical sign on the right side "www.liznijezyk.pl Liźnijęzyk C 2017" is moving from left to right. I attach to files: a) Fruits - A4 affinity b) Fruits - A4 pdf Could anyone help with that issue? Thx in advance, Luke Fruits - A4 affinity.afdesign Fruits - A4 pdf.pdf
  8. STOKERG you did it!!! I tried to do the same as you said but I'm not sure if I do it correctly because the frame is still moving. Could you record a short movie via Ocam how you did this? I would be grateful! :-)
  9. hello, I've recorded a short movie to show you what I mean.
  10. Ok, I added 3 files to Dropbox 1. affinity file - flashcards 2. file saved via Adobe Illustrator CC - the frame isn't moving at all 3. file saved via Affinity - when you take picture to full size and move to another picture using Page down or page up you will see that the top part of the frame is moving and it's getting thicker and thinner. I would be very thankful if somebody help to solve the problem. Thx in advance, Lukasz,
  11. Hello, I have one question about PDF file. Let's start from the beginning. I am making flashcards for young learners. I have made a lot of cards so far but one day I found something wierd. When I save file from affinity into PDF (for print) - raster DPI 300 the frame around pictures are moving and getting thicker and thinner when you take it full size in Acrobat Reader and you move from one picture into another. I have checked it a few times and all the frames in affinity file are the same size. I decided to attach one file with flashcards to show you what I meant. Flashcards - PETS - A4.pdf