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  1. jamie edward

    changing fonts crashes

    The font dropdown is crashing affinity designer and affinity photo when selected on my mac mini with an iiyama 4k 40" screen. I have all the latest releases of software and the latest version of macos. Any news about the new beta software?
  2. jamie edward

    crash when clicking on font menu

    Hello, I have encountered this problem on my 4k monitor using my Mac mini. When opening the font menu I get a spinning beachball that doesn't clear.
  3. jamie edward

    PSD File Garbled

    Thank you. Looks very nice now!
  4. jamie edward

    PSD File Garbled

    Here is what I see. The text is spilling out of the text boxes. How did you get your result in Designer?
  5. jamie edward

    PSD File Garbled

    Sorry about that.
  6. jamie edward

    PSD File Garbled

    Hello, I am having trouble opening the attached psd file as it appears garbled. Please can you have a look. Thanks. Please don't publish the attached file on the forum. <file removed>

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