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  1. It was created with Affinity Designer, with Adobe RGB (1998) as the default profile. Exported as a TIFF, with profile embedded. This file was then open in Photoshop and Affinity Photo to print and compare. What is interesting is printing directly from Designer with the same printer settings, colors come out deeper and more saturated (the way they should). The only reason I exported the vector drawing as a TIFF to print, was this was the process I used when I would sent pieces to a third party to print (I just recently invested in the Pixma Pro-100). I may just know print directly from Designer, I'm just curious as to what could causing the variation, when the profiles, ICC, and printer is exactly the same.
  2. What could cause different print saturation? I have printed the same TIFF image with an Adobe RGB (1998) profile, which I then print to my Pixma Pro-100 using the supplied ICC file for the type of paper I am using (Moab Entrada). Photoshop's print (on the right) seems darker, more saturated, the the one printed via Affinity Photo (left). Photoshop shows no gamut warning, where as Affinity shows pretty much all the purple, reds and oranges as grey with gamut warning. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would love to replace Photoshop with Affinity Photo, but this is concerning.