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  1. Hello, Thanks for answering me. Of course, that's what I did. If I haven't do that, these plugins wouldn't have appeared in the window ! For example, I've loaded Topaz plungins. They Appear as "unknown" but they work. Nik Software and NeatIMage appear but don't work. Why ? And what have I to do ? Thanks for your answer. Fred
  2. Hello, I've bought AF about three months ago. Just tried plugin capabilities with Nik Plugins. None is working. They all said to be "Unknown" in Preference. One of them, Silver, is making AF crashing down. (I've tried with a previous version, 1.5.2, and it's the same.) Do you know what can I do for making them working ? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I've bought Affinity Photo, thinking it was as powerful as Photoshop. My first try, using Nik Software : absolutely no Nik plugin is working ! I have the last version of the both AP and Google Nik Collection 1.2.11. All of them are shown yellow "Unknown" ! So, it's not a good to say AP is working like PS. It's been 1,5 year since the last post and nothing has been done to solve that matter. So, what does AP suggest ? Thanks