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  1. Thanks for the answers! - Yes i know. I could've created my own arrow but I wanted to know if there's any way to change the thickness of an existing object (I think it was a curve I got when I imported it through the assets). Greetings, Lars
  2. Hey! I've been working on my Screendesign and I've stumbled about a little problem: I imported the Font Awesome Assets and added a chevron into the Design. As the arrow itself is a bit too thick for my purposes I've searched for a way to make it a bit smaller (see attachment). The thickness should be like a normal letter (e. g. "v").
  3. Hey guys! I ordered the Designer Workbook for Affinity and I just got an E-Mail telling me that the book has been sent out. Affinity itself says the expected delivery time would be 5-7 days - does anyone here has any experience with it - I'm living in Germany and also ordered the German Book Greetings, Lars
  4. Thanks for the clarification @toltec - great and really helpful answer again! Yea - I meant to say crop, haven't really used the English word too much for it (sry). Also haven't been too much into Graphic design tbh but I think that I slowly learn the differences between Designer and Photo. I've worked with Photoshop before and it kinda had many tools for image editing but also a bit for Screendesign (at least I used it for that). Gonna have to get Affinity Photo soon then Oh and: challenge accepted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Thanks for the answer. Doesn't look like there's a simple way of actually properly cutting the image
  6. Hey guys! I've bought Affinity Designer about a week ago as I really liked the way it works for creating Screendesigns etc. Now I stumbled across the point where I'd like to get an image inside the document, - works perfectly fine. But I had to cut the image (a squared paper in my case) to the right size and I haven't really found a way of doing it properly either in Draw or Pixel Persona (I'm really new to Af Designer, sry). Beside that I'd have liked to add some effect like the paper would've been "ripped out" of something - is this possible? I know Af Designer isn't really made for it, but the Pixel Persona feels like a small and compact version of some important tools for image editing. Thanks, Lars
  7. @toltec Thanks for your work! Really acknowledge that you even added some pictures!
  8. Hey! I've bought Affinity Designer about a day ago and haven't found out how to center a object (e. g. Text) inside another element (e.g. rectangle, square, ..). I know there's a way to center an object inside the whole page (using Layer -> Align -> Center) but I don't know if there's a way to use this tool to also center something inside another element. And is there a shortcut for the above called menu buttons? It's pretty unhandy to navigate through the menu everytime I want to center a text on the whole page. Greetings, Lars
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