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  1. ggeorgis

    How to update

    Hi MEB did you get any replies from Serif on our issue? Feels like we are third tier customers (even lower rated than those using the trial software)!
  2. ggeorgis

    How to update

    Hi, any news on us? Another month passed and we are still on AP for Mac 1.5.2 What is the big hurdle and we have to wait so long.....
  3. Thanks Alfred, for digging up the relevant thread...seems like I'm not the only one...lets hope that we also get the freebies that came with the launch of 1.6 version as well
  4. Unfortunately this is not possible in my case since the purchase was not made on the Mac App store but on the Affinity store itself.
  5. Thanks, MEB Yes you are correct....but still I need to be able to update the software somehow. Although what puzzles me is why I received such an outdated link instead of a current one.
  6. Hi, how is it possible to update Affinity Photo for Mac when bought directly from the Affinity store? In my account there is no link to download the current version and there is no pop-up or menu entry to do it from within the app. The install the trial version and hope it asks for key does not work either (it just quits because it expired and directs me to the Mac App Store). I am now on 1.5.2 version although my order was placed today!!!

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