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  1. Hi Is there any update or solution on this issue? I own mac version of Affinity both products but recently changed plattform to windows after years of use. Now i purchased AF Photo via MS store and can't set my workflow with DAM softwares? What i should do now? Can someone explain maybe different solution? If i'm planning to buy Designer for windows will be same issue i assume?
  2. Jacro

    Fuji RAF files issue

    Hi again, i understand that all team are busy but maybe guys come up with some updates about issue with RAF files? I really need restart whole software few times to open file correctly. That is really slowing down my workflow while i just use only Affinity and RAF files. What is surprising batch job works good, saving output without strange frame splits. Thanks
  3. Jacro

    Fuji RAF files issue

    Hi again i just made upload of few files och screenprint for each. THanks
  4. Jacro

    Fuji RAF files issue

    Hello! First i would like thank you all affinity team for great work on their software. I'm proud owner of Affinity Photo and Designer. Affinity Photo 1.6.6 Last months i switched my camera gear form Canon to Fuji X and here come around some issues with RAF files while importing to Develop Persona. Image become splitet in two, three or 4 peaces as shown in my attachment. I need to restart affinity few times to catch importing correct i will be honest it slowing down very my work flow. Second thing what i mentioned is max usage of my cpu and fans when trying to Merge live filter or adjustment layer when working on one RAF file, is it so much consuming for that task? Thank you for attention. Jasse