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  1. Hi all, a few answers: @v_kyr => Yes, it's the Viaduc de Millau @Wikinger => I know the picture settings are awful, but the shot was not planned. I was driving when I saw the sun among the clouds and I tried to get the picture, So, after parking the car in a hurry, I got the camera to get the scene but I realized later the setting were not the best. @stokerg => the original RAW is available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8rvfdaz3c9dpxi/_MG_2853.CR2?dl=0 Regards.
  2. I've done some other tests. Here how the histogram looks playing with LR. (pixel more diffuse all over all the spectrum). hence more color On the other and on Affinity it still look dull because the pixels lies on the dark/shadows region.
  3. Hi there, what OS did you use to process that raw? Here the same section done with LR, for comparison.
  4. Hi there, I'm uploading an image section in TIFF format because the 20MPX original raw is not allowed by the forum because of its size. thank you.
  5. thank you for you support. Nice to know that a BETA has improvements for the Shadows & Highlights. The problem is that this BETA is only available for customers with the final product. At the moment I'm using the evaluation version.... in order to evaluate
  6. Hi there, I've evaluating Affinity to work with the raw files from my Canon 70D. For a test I started from a very underexposed picture. With Affinity I followed the lineguides from this tutorial: https://vimeo.com/channels/affinityphoto/202715178 but the best I can get is a quite dull image. See the second attachment. On the other had I see that with a few settings in LightRoom, the software I'd like to leave, I'm albe to achieve better results. See the third image. I'm wondering: I'm missing any step, settings or configuration in order to improve my raw editing with Affinity? I've tried Apple raw engine and Serif but the results are similar. TIA.
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