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  1. @ MEB, Can I sign up for those free trials on PC and Mac respectively using the same email address?
  2. Ah ok, I hear ya, thanks for your super helpful response @MEB that has certainly helped me to make an informed decision about what to purchase to suit my professional needs. Sounds like AD will be enough for me to get by as a Web Designer, but if in the future I do find I need more powerful image editing capabilities I can always purchase AP at a later date
  3. Hi MEB Thanks for your rapid and helpful response! So I am right in thinking that Affinity Photo would be much more essential for Photographers and Fashion Designers that do a ton of RAW image editing, where as myself who is a Web Designer could I get by just fine on Affinity Designer? but if I do need to apply say a filter, edit the lighting etc of some stock images for example, can I still do that in Affinity Designer? Thanks Dean
  4. Hi Can someone tell me the difference between Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer? Do you need both of these to work with raster images /photo editing and work with vectors? I had the impression that you could work with vectors/draw logos/illustrations and edit photos/raster images in one Affinity app but is that not the case? Thanks Dean
  5. Hi Callum Thanks for your response to my posted questions. Can I sign up for those free trials on PC and Mac respectively using the same email address? Thanks Dean
  6. Hi All & Happy New Year 2018 I'm new around here and have just signed up to this community. Just another Adobe servant for many years now considering making the switch to this software, so far I've heard nothing but positive reviews about it. I wanted to start off by signing up for a free trial and taking it for a test run before committing to the full purchase. Can I ask how long the free trial lasts for? Can you still save work during a free trial phase. How many copies can I install and activate at the same time during a free trial period? Ideally I would need one copy installed on my windows work PC and one copy installed on my imac personal desktop at home. Thanks for reading guys and girls. Consecca
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