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  1. ok. so firstly im kind of new at mac, so just learnt that cmd+alt+esc is how you force quite - it helped indeed. and when i reopened the program the stuck files were no longer files and the msg boxes that didnt respond were closed with one click. thanks for now, but im pretty sure it will happen again at some point. since its not the first time. thanks anyone
  2. it sounds very forceful. i dont want to damage my laptop in the process. are these forums the only way to get support for this program? its so weird. if something goes wrong i want a professional by them to take responsibility.
  3. firstly, I hope this time i will be getting an answer, since this is not the first time im trying, and last time it fell between the chairs. Affinity designer is STUCK for a while now- nothing helps. i want to reboot the program but nothing works. i cant even restart the laptop because of it. thanks.
  4. Hello again. the screen is frozen. i cant do a thing besides moving the whole affinity window. so of course other programs like photoshop are in the background. but the whole affinity program is like an ice cube - frozen in one piece. i think that youre not so far from the truth - only the msges i need to click on and make dissapear are those i linked in the beginning of this thread - but they are frozen as well. you can only hear a "pop" sound when im clicking with the mouse. no effect other than that. the program options under "file" "edit" "text" etc are 99% grey (=blocked for use) and i cant even quite the program.
  5. oh! sorry - i realized what youre asking just now. SURE- i will post that file here. it happens with ALL the files recently. my screen is frozen only a "blip" sound is heard when trying to click somewhere please help? OF162R1.eps
  6. I made a print screen video to show you. hope it helps. thanks what you dont hear (for some reason) is the sound that happens when a clicking reaches to a dead end. everytime i move on the screen is because the clicking (in which you cannot hear here) doesnt help.
  7. hello. when trying to open files from sites like freepik sometimes (like now) program get stuck and nothing helps. cant even quite the app. whats wrong and more importantly: how do i fix it? attached: the msg i get and cannot close
  8. Oh! funny, I got confused thinking it ones worked. Cant you think of a solution for me maybe? are there any text-flippers that might help?
  9. Shalom. My language - Hebrew- is supposed to be typed from right to left, for some reason the text stopped being typed from right to left and it types backwards (like English, from left to right). I think it got to do with the the language settings but I cant manage to figure it out and fix it. kindly asking for your help asap
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