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  1. Oh thanks, thought I perhaps hadn’t posted in the correct area After I posted I continued to fiddle around with the different options and I managed to get it to turn out alright. I used the inpainting tool where it would work properly and then used a mix of cloning and patch tool. I did notice that when I would use the patch tool, it keeps in tune with the tones of the area I was trying to fix. Like where the fence was over the kangaroo, it was lighter than the rest of the fur. I’d mark out an area to fix and choose a darker part of the fur to get a closer match, but in seeing the samples in the marked area to correct, it was lighter than what I was actually panning over. Don’t know if that all made sense lol. I didn’t see anywhere to change the settings to keep the colours/tones with what I was panning over. I used the cloning brush to get more of what I was after. Anyway I did get a decent result, now for more practice!
  2. Hey everyone So I've got a picture of two kangaroos that was taken through a wire fence. Removing the wire fence using the inpainting brush tool works fine anywhere else except for where it crosses over the kangaroos. It just doesn't select appropriate surrounding areas to fill where the fence was. So I'm wondering if there is some other method to remove this? Or a better way to use the inpainting tool? I'm fairly new with all this so please bear with me if I'm a little slow with the procedure. Thanks all!