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  1. Hi, it will be nice to have an own library on iOS and if you can open more than 1 file. And it will be great to connect cloud services like amazon prime to the library, so you can import and export the files fast. This will make the workflow very fast and make Affinity to the bests. Best regards
  2. Hi, it will be nice to connect a cloud service with affinity photo like amazon drive. So you can import and export the files easy to the cloud service. And it will be nice to import more than one file easy in affinity. I have an strong I7 Windows notebook and 16gb ram. When I import 50 Files or more with drag and drop, my notebook chrashes. When I do the same in Lightroom 6 but with 1000 files. It works fine. Best regards
  3. Boltres89

    RAW converter

    Hi, I use Affinity Photo on my I Pad 10.5 and have a Nikon DSLR. When I Rotate my RAW (NEF) File and i devolop the Photo to Persona, the Photo is incomplete. And when I want change one Color in the Converter, I do not see a difference. Best regards

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