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  1. marhad

    Problems after last update

    Hi After last update the problem with issues I wrote above is worse than before !!!
  2. marhad

    Problems after last update

    Hi, Yes it does, it's happening all the time, i'm not able to record this but i'm using two monitors. So i'm waiting for the next upgrade, asnd thanks for help and respond
  3. Hi, After last update i'm facing few issues during typical retouch activities, below there is a list of problems what i have found : 1. Liquify Persona - After finishing of modifications and applying changes Affinity stops responding, the only thing I can do is saveing the project and restarting the program. 2. Layer Mask - After applying mask and invert it, color of the mask icon does not change for black and that is very confusing, specialy when I have about 20 layers and some of them has white and black masks 3. Gaussian Blur - for 7 of 10 attempts applying gaussian blur filter I dont recive window with the radius slider of the filter These are the issues, that slowing down my retouch work and I hope to recive some respond for them. I wish You all the best for the new year 2018