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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I found using text frames fiddly. You can't resize all text frames at the same time Double-clicking on a page icon is tedious when you want to select a page Search and replace lacks refinement - in Word you can search for paragraph marks There is no bookmarking, no hyperlinking between text selections There should be a way to select all text frames of a particular identifier Export has no decent options to .docx/.doc/.odt/.rtf etc... It just feels like the tool is only half there. The tools that I would have expected from using Serif Publisher or Word or Framemaker or Quark Express are just not there and the whole process is made harder. Definitely the menus are way too small and difficult to locate As it stands, this is a product that I would not buy even at some loony price.
  2. It would have been 'nice' to have some pre-defined templates for basic layouts.
  3. Only horizontal and vertical guides - should also have angled guides Guides a pain to edit - should be able to double-click on guide to bring up dialog
  4. Menu text is very small, I mean teeny-weeny. I'm using a 27" iMac and having to squint a lot. It would also have been 'nice' if when you select a tool, the associated menu is highlighted
  5. I can't see any tool for importing from other documents (or formats) other than copy and paste, which is pretty bad.
  6. I can't see any facility for cross referencing, either internally or to external content.
  7. If like me, you are not that switched on when it comes to configuring Topaz plugins for use on a Mac look at this article in the Topaz forum: http://discuss.topazlabs.com/t/topaz-plugins-with-affinity-on-osx/3850/6?u=nick
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