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  1. It wasn't a specific file - seemed to be happening on everything I opened. Now that I try to recreate the variables it doesn't seem to be crashing. The only thing that has changed is that I'm not running on battery (using power cord) and have my wacom plugged in.. but I can't figure out how that would change anything.
  2. Affinity Designer is crashing constantly - to the point it is totally unusable. I'm working on simple shapes, nothing complex, no layers, 2 colors, no artboards. The only consistent variable seems to be when I open and attempt to use a panel like Layers or Swatches. I'm running Affinity Designer 1.6.0 on a Mac Book Pro with High Sierra 10.13.3. I really want Affinity Designer to work - I'm so sick of Illustrator's bloated and non-precise environment. BUT - at this very moment AD is just a painful joke.
  3. Death to Illustrator, the frustrater!

  4. I am encountering a strange issue when exporting both EPS and PDF When i import the EPS/PDF into illustrator some of the vectors are vectors and others are images (pixels) I can't find a difference between the line settings.. they're not brushes and they don't have any pressure settings I can't figure this out. So excited about this application. The tools are intuitive and straight forward. I am an old Freehand user looking for an alternative to Adobe Frustrator. Steve
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