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  1. FYI I have emailed affinityreturns@serif.com twice with order details asking for a refund and have not heard back yet. No acknowledgement or response yet. I wait till Jan 2nd after New Year for a response.
  2. thanks. that is good to know. It would be useful for new customers to have a link to support martix upfront before they download/buy.
  3. Thanks guys. Appreciate the response. I have requested a refund. I bought the software from the website which did not mention lack of windows 7 support. There was no 30 day trial in this page. Beside there was a year end discount. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/
  4. Please send across the mac install and a product code for a mac install via email without having to pay again for the software. I bought the windows version and now what I bought the software for is not supported with no ETA. So it is not useful for me.
  5. Thanks MEB. The software is not going to be of much use to to me until then. Was planning to use the software for HDR and Focus Stacking. Where can I find documentation on RAW formats supported? Does it work with Mac.
  6. I just purchased Affinity Photos and tried opening some RAW files from my Canon 6D Mark II on Affinity Photos on my Windows 7 laptop. The raw files are opening up with a purple tinge to it. I believe it is because the software is not able to read some of the colors and tones in newer camera raw files. These pictures open fine when I open in Canon RAW digital photo professional 4 software and other recent photo software or in my phone using snapseed. I have attached the sample raw file from my camera that I am trying to open and which has this problem. IMG_0114.CR2
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