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  1. Thanks for the reply. I can mange until 1.8 is delivered. Actually, I had to start doing more work in Pixelmator Pro because I couldn't use the extension. Looking forward to its impending release and fix. regards and thanks.
  2. Hello, I have tried numerous times to open a photo in Apple Photos, and then send it to Affinity Photo for editing. I can send it via contextual menu or by opening Edit in Photos and then using the " ... " for extension activation. After editing in Affinity Photo I close the editing photo and attempt to Save Changes in the Apple Photos edit extension window. The edits do not save and I get an error message. I remember this use to work. Am I doing something wrong now? I am attaching a low bit-rate video (lens correction, straightening, and cropping) showing the process and result. Hope to hear back with a fix. Photos Extension Affinity Photo fail.mp4
  3. Thanks for the tip. I will try it. Do you know of a similar method to quickly recreate a perspective adjustment?
  4. Hello forum... Is there a way to copy a crop between documents without making a macro in Affinity Photo? I need to straighten and crop several images I shot from a tripod. I can use the live perspective layer and clunkily copy it to another image, but I can't see how to copy a crop without making a macro. thanks in advance.
  5. I see. So that means that in order to maintain the metadata I must first export from the Photos app and then pull into AP? Is there another way this stripping of metadata can be avoided ? I suspect it’s in your hands and/or Apple’s. Thanks for the clarification and I hope this import behavior will resolved in the near future.
  6. Hello and thanks in advance... I started with an image from the iPhone 7 so maybe it is HEIF format. I then exported to JPEGm saving in iOS Photos.
  7. I just started with Affinity Photo for iPad. In my first 'project' I opened an image from the Photos app on my iPad. I manipulated this image with Af Photo. I then used the export command to share the corrected image with my Photos on my iPad by using Export, then Share, and then the 'Save Image" action. When I open the image in Photos the metadata (camera type, location, etc.) is missing. I have the 'Embed metadata' on in the Export module. Is metadata only exported if you save to a cloud service by clicking OK and then choosing a destination like dropbox? Is this a bug? It seems so. Am I doing something wrong?
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