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  1. I am working on an UX Design and created a symbol roughly translated into "Background-Frame" that is used across several UX Mockup Screenshots. I also created a bunch of Button-Symbols like "add", "edit", "settings". I now realized that the "settings" button should always be at the exact same spot in the frame so I thought - ok - let's move it into the "Background-Frame" symbol by dragging the "settings" symbol into "Background-Frame" symbol in the layer panel. While that works this action is not synced into the other "Background-Frame" instances. Yes - "Sync" is on for symbols. Dragging a regular rectangle into the symbol works just fine. It seems to be a bug that is triggered when symbols are dragged into symbols. Is this something that will get fixed eventually? Symbols within symbols are quite cool!
  2. Hi R C-R thanks for your reply. Ok. Yes - would be a cool feature - especially if you have different people working on a project. Still - the software is cool enough to forgive this missing feature.
  3. Hello and a Merry Christmas to all in the Forum, I've been trying to find a good workflow for using Affinity Designer in my projects. I am fascinated by the embedded documents feature. Saw a couple of videos of how to live edit documents in documents but I want to do something different. I want to create a document with different artbords and place/embbed/link (?) this document in SEVERAL other documents. (It's UX Design - each artbord presents a different screenshot and the other documents are Usage Mockups, Adds and a User-Manual) Then I want to modify the First Document (UX-Artboards) and then make the other documents update to these changes. Can't find the button. Or do I have to use "replace" each and every time?
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