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  1. I do not know where my global color icon went. I thought it came default with two palettes. 1.add current fill to palette icon and 2. the global color icon. Do I have to create a special Document palette in or Der for the global color icon to appear. I thought it was there regardless so one could use it to make a fill a global color at any time.
  2. Hello. I need help deleting a background from imported images. Most of them are PDF, Photos (I dunno JPEG), Whatever. I just want one method that works across the board. thank you to anyone out there that can assist me further with this.
  3. Hi I have an issue getting two go my items that I have created to constraint proportionately and not be disfigured when the art board is stretched and resized. I have watched the tutorial like sooo Many times. Not helping at all.
  4. AlicenWonderland

    Constraints in Affinity Designer for Mac

    Another issue ...how do I shrink a file small enough to fit on Fiverr? Without compromising resolution. It says no more than 5 MB???
  5. AlicenWonderland

    Constraints in Affinity Designer for Mac

    Not very great resolution but the the green one is meant to a chart and the other one is some boxes with text and keywords for a web page.Every time I resize the document to all breaks adapt and resized , runs into the other elements and makes a right mess. I have tried to play with the Constraints every different combination possible. to be clear each box and text box is its own graphic and then they are Grouped.
  6. How do I access the resource files that are posted in the book for the exercises. ex: core_skills.afdesign(Artboard: Objects-Opacity)

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