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  1. I have just updated to version and am experiencing a problem I never had with the previous version. This defines the problem. I import a DNG file. and then crop it. No other adjustments, I then export the file as a PSD file, a JPG file and a TIFF file. When i open the PSD file in either Adobe elements or Lightroom I see the whole cropped image. ie the image I had cropped in Affinity When I attempt to open either the TIFF or JPG file in Elemets or Lightroom I only see a portion of my cropped image. It is as though It has been cropped again. Attached are Original DNG.DNG Exported PSD.psd Exported TIFF.tiff Saved_Affinity_File.afphoto
  2. Thanks for the rapid response Chris_K . Opera has a good point. I would have though not enabling, by default, the embedded metadata option, would be a simple remedy to the issue. Critically important to new users of the Affinity program who might not be comfortable using the blog to find a fix and then walk away from Affinity