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  1. Hello there, I've been using affinity designer recently for creating figures for my research. Sometimes I use it for photo collaging. I am also planning on purchasing Affinity photos soon. It's been really helpful software and the learning curve is easy even for beginners, without any background of vector designing software. I am using Affinity designer 1.6.0 on 2013 iMac runs on Sierra. Recently, I noticed a little bit problem with how the software works. When I create a new document for photo collage, It will starts without any layer (no background layer). Then, I started to add some photos and put a layer mask on it. Now in the layer panel I have two layers, one is the photo at the top, and mask layer at the bottom, indented. After that, I exported this file as JPEG. However, in the JPEG file the effect of mask layer is disappeared. So, I get the original photo without mask. This issue is not happened if I exported the file as PNG. I also can fix it by adding empty layer at the bottom, and export as JPEG file. I think i can't say it's a bug, rather it's my insufficient knowledge on layers system on both file types. However, for beginner users like me, the program does not follow with 'What you see is What you get' concept. I put some screenshots on the attachment for explanation. SS1.png, 1.png, 1.jpg is a set, we can see 1.jpg lost its mask layer. ^ SS1 ^ 1.jpg ^ 1.png SS2.png, 2.png, 2.jpg is a another set with empty background layer, both JPG and PNG file apply the mask layer. ^ SS2 ^ 2.jpg ^ 2.png I hope my explanation is understandable. Best regards,