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  1. Hi all. Just to have an idea were you are going or not, may I ask what is your target with affinity? When I was told about a photoshop equivalent with ocio support I was pretty damn sure it was for vfx and post production, so I get curious. I couldn't be more surprised when I discoverd you have no intention to go linux... I work in a company where 150 artists have two computers : a linux machine because every vfx studio in this world work full linux, and a windows machine, because there is no equivalent of photoshop in linux... Let's calculate : 3000 (price of the machine estimated by me, but that is a rough idea) × 150 (per artist) = 450 000 .... Well what you need for developping linux is what my company is paying for not having such a tool. I am not taking in account the pain photoshop is making in our pipeline. I am not taking in account the price it would cost to change software and train people either, but I am only talking about one company (and only a part of it) in the whole vfx industry. But for sure, no linux, no place in vfx. Sorry to put a bit of my disapointment in this message. I thougt for few days that a revolution was going on, but.. Nah...

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