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  1. Node tool. Hmm. I'll have to give that a try and see if it works faster.
  2. Not pressure sensitivity. In the stroke drop-down menu. It's got stroke style, width, cap, etc. One of the settings is "pressure." It drops down another box that lets you change the width of different parts of the lines. I use it to make lines taper at one end (among other things). But if I select more than one curve, that menu box goes away to be replaced with the align menu, so I can't change those elements of more than one curve at a time.
  3. Is there a way to edit the pressure of multiple lines at once? Pics I draw tend to have a lot of lines that I will all edit to have the same pressure settings after I finish putting it all together. I save a preset for it, which is a feature I like, but then I have to go through and edit the lines one by one, which is massively time consuming. Especially if it's a complicated pic that has several dozen lines to edit this way. I know Illustrator I could could do something similar (it wasn't pressure, it was stroke style). I could do it all at once there, but I was limited to what stroke styles were available in the pack, or I had to make my own. My lines end up looking a lot better in Affinity, but I do wish I could speed the process up.
  4. Thanks for the input. It sounds like Affinity Photo might be worth it just for the Macros, since whenever I have to resize photos, I'm usually needing to resize 30-50 at a time.
  5. I do almost all of my work in Illustrator (or at least I did before my free subscription that I had from school expired). So far, it seems like Affinity meets all of my needs and I'm pleased with it. However, at work I sometimes have had to use Photoshop. Mostly I just used it for resizing large groups of photographs to make them more appropriate a size for web display. I used a bulk edit trick where I could save a sequence of edits to a file and then just have all of those edits applied to all the files in a specific folder. Sometimes, though, I also had to crop out stuff to get a transparent background. Otherwise, I never really used it much. So, do I need Photo to do these things, or will Designer suffice? I ask becuase I don't see anything like the magic wand selection tool, which was mainly what I used to remove white backgrounds when I had to, so I don't know if there's an easy way to do that in Designer. Designer seems to meet all of my other needs, though, so if it can do these other two things (or at least just the second), I'll stick with that. But if it can't, I think I'd better purchase Photo now, before the discount for it goes away. Save myself an extra $10.
  6. This is a minor problem and there are steps you can do to make sure it doesn't happen, but it's one that I might like to see fixed if you can. When I open a picture I've scanned from a drawing into Affinity Designer, the layer containing the image always remains selectable, even if it's locked. This leads to a situation where I'm accidentally selecting it and it starts drawing new lines and shapes on individual layers again instead of the layer I want them on. This can be solved by cutting out the image I want to trace and pasting it into a seperate layer, then hiding the original layer, but that's an extra step that seems like it should be unneccessary considering that other layers are not selectable when locked. This is just a minor gripe, but if you could find a way to correct it, I would appreciate it. I'm new to the thing and still learning my way around, so I'm sure I'll come across other suggestions to make, but on the whole, I am pleased with the program. I'm coming in from Illustrator and if not for the price of the Adobe CC, I might not have been looking to switch, but with so many of the vector art tools and functions being streamlined in this program, I can't imagine ever going back. Once I actually get accustomed to the differences, I suspect it will significantly improve my work speed.

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