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    Affinity Publisher

    P.S I don't embed all files (just link) Master_Layout_Book_ANGIN_revisi.afpub
  2. Hello Serif, I'm working on layout magazine. At first time when I created the layout it is still fine but it getting slowly when i keep increase the pages and import images to document. The problem I meet is Affinity Publisher software work slowly, sometimes freeze, and slow loading when saving and exporting. Maybe you can check the file that I attached below. Hardware I use: Macbook Pro Mid 2012, Intel Core i5, Ram 4GB, using Wacom pen tablet. Thank You Master_Layout_Book_ANGIN_revisi.afpub
  3. Hello Serif, OS : Mac Os Siera 10.12.6 I'm experience issue about Export persona in Affinity Designer. When I try to export the output always change like increase by 1 pixel or decrease by 1 pixel. I'm also add screenshot in attachment below. Could you please give a solution about this? Thank You
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    View Tool

    Hello Affinity, I want to ask about Affinity Designer vers. This is problem happen when i use any tool > i press SPACE (View Tool) to move my screen view > my tool can't switch back to last tool that i use before and still at VIEW TOOL. This is a bug from Affinity Designer? I hope there is some solution about this, you are making great software so far , I'm very happy. Note: This is only happen when i use Wacom (My wacom is Intuos CTL-480). When i'm using trackpad or mouse it's still work normal. Thank You