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  1. RobaPhotography

    Mojave Bugs

    Just because it was not mentioned in this thread, they looking into it already as mentioned here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/69512-mojave-metal-accelerator-not-working-for-affinity/
  2. RobaPhotography

    Mojave Bugs

    @GabrielO could you check if after you reinstalled AP the checkbox under Preferences (Performance -> Enable Metal compute acceleration) is checked and if not enable it and restart AP and check if its slow again.
  3. Seems to be exactly what was already reported here but with the new information on the hardware acceleration. I tried to deactivate the hardware acceleration and now AP is responsive again and i can work even it is a bit slower then without. Clearly this is just a workaround but at least there is one ;). So this seems to be the correct point to look into. Also i think this is the reson why reseting the settings worked because this is not the standard.
  4. RobaPhotography

    Mojave Bugs

    Hi, i am also facing issues since the update to mojave. Affinity Photo is nearly impossible to use. It hangs on every interaction and needs just a lot of time to do anything, even on small operations like change the brightness. As by now i tried to compose a few HDR projects, develop some RAW files and panoramas. Nothing worked as fast as i know it from before the update. I had to abort the HDR compositions because it was just impossible to do anything. Developing 3 RAW files took like 3 hours, just because i really needed thoose. Panorama worked but a lot less quick then before. I have a 2017 13inch MacPro (16GB) and never really performance issues with AP or AD. Also i discovered that there is process that starts with AP, the MTLCompilerService and take always something between 40 and 70% CPU usage till i close AP completly. There is another thread with maybe a similiar problem here: I don't know which more information you need. i Hope this helps already. Thanks.

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