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  1. Thanks for the help! So how do I do this? DuBar
  2. Any idea why I can sign into forum on iPad and never on laptop using same scr name password?
  3. Pics were saved as background layers only. I did use the four circles on upper left of screen to do built in edits before saving pics. Can’t figure where cropped out info is coming from. Opend file displays background layer, no other layers, with the crop as the pic was saved. even with aligned checked the selected point jumps to a new area upon use. No smooth movement at all. Playing with the color select on color panel I noticed blend range was “lighten”, probably caused my own confusion. I suspect it is an 8th gen i7 Windows 10 problem however I have claim no knowledge for this feeling. Thanks DuBar
  4. Clone tool, crop tool. color finder & perhaps others not working properly on new Dell 5770 laptop with 8th gen. i7 processor. Have erased and re-installed Affinity to no avail. Have cropped and saved image then reselected cropped image ctrlC and ctrl V to new document and original un-cropped image appears, from where I don't know, opening as flattend image solves problem. When selected clone area is used the marker for selected area jumps to entirely different position on image or disappears completely. Color selector on paint brus tools simply doesn't work. any workarounds?
  5. I like v-kyr’s quote, I use my laptop more as a desktop. MEB’S suggestions look realistic. So what can I buy in a moderately priced desktop? Thank you for everyone’s help. thanks - DuBar
  6. VBCTV. thanks for your suggestion. MSSTORE has a 13” on sale. Is this the unit you use? I’m concerned about the screen size, Going down to 15.6 was a compromise and 13 seems extreme. I’ll keep checking MSSTORE. Thanks
  7. Thank u for the replies. Windows I think and 6-700 would be ok. Strictly amature editing for personal pleasure. Using 3 yr old toshiba 17” with 1600 x 900 display that went south. Thinking dell or HP 15 to 17 display, or whatever. Corel user but like AF much better overall.
  8. What would be a reasonable laptop to buy?
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