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  1. I had issues with importing the styles from the propoganda kit - the asset masks took a couple of goes, but eventually loaded. The styles refused to bend to my will, so I divided them into 2 seperate style export files and these loaded o.k. A bit of messing around, but they are now on my ipad (pro 2018).
  2. I was about to post about the same issue. Since I recorded it I attached the file. This is a feature that I use a lot so am hoping it’s a quick fix. Helen 9E87CF01-BD40-4B80-AC59-FCC16FE9EA06.MOV
  3. That’s right. I don’t have Affinity Photo for iPad, just the desktop version. Helen
  4. Here’s how it shows up when I try to import. No issues with export/import of brushes, assets or files using the same method. I drop into iCloud/Dropbox on Mac as an .afstyle file. Not sure whether it is relevant but all other exported items have shown up with affinity logo as a thumbnail but the styles files do not. thanks Helen
  5. I've tried with iCloud several times but no go unfortunately. OneDrive is the other cloud service I've tried. I don't have Dropbox but will download and give it a go. Thanks Helen update......same issue in Dropbox - the file is greyed out. I will try again down the track. I’m using an iPad Pro 10.5 if this is of any help.
  6. When I attempt to export styles it shows as a .afstyle file on my mac but when I try to import to AD on ipad it shows up as a greyed out folder which cannot be opened. When I go to files to open to inspect it, after downloading it shows up as a folded page icon with a folder which, when opened displays: style title data I've tried to export a few different style groups with the same issue. Also attempted to airdrop and run it through another cloud storage and email it to myself. All convert the file from .afstyle file to data file that I cannot open. No idea if this is a bug or a problem unique to my set up or permissions. I haven't had any issue exporting/importing brushes, artwork or assets. I've also noticed if I export styles on the ipad they show up us the same type of file that I cannot open with the app. Any suggestions? Thanks, Helen
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