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  1. Hey James, thank you so much for your time. Having done audio recording, and especially mastering I am very aware of the issue of translating whatever media you are working on to other devices - i.e. loudspeakers and in this case video screens. Here the problem is multiplied by the fact that screen brightness across so many types of screens, including handhelds, is just...anything goes... :-| Quick question: do you have a source of reliable pics that you check against (e.g. landscape with woods, urban settings, etc) as a way to know if you're veering too far off track? I'm working on this one pic, shot with a DJI drone, and color always seems to be "off", especially the green foliage in the distance. After a while that I'm looking at my screen everything seems legitimately "good", but if I post it to the site it looks...urgh... "overly corrected". So I'm just wondering. Do you know of a good website where I could find an ample selection of "properly mastered" (graded?) pics to use as you call it a "sanity check"? Thank you again! Paul
  2. Hi folks - nice to meet you... first post here and need the experts' help! I'm prepping some JPGs from RAW to be published on a website. Using my trusted 13" Macbook Pro interfaced with a 27.5" Apple display which I picked up because visual real estate is a nice thing to have and helps with the workflow. My question has to do with the brightness of the monitor itself: just *how* bright is accurate? I realized this because I felt that the RAWs I was developing in Affinity lacked punch and vibrance. However once I turned up the screen brightness to full, let's just say that everything looked That.Much.Better - but IMHO it's not realistic: that brightness might ot correspond to the end user's screen settings. This said: what is the acceptable rule of the thumb in this case, given the plethora of screens out there (handheld, mobile, laptop, office rigs, etc) and end user preferences....? Thank you, ciao from Switzerland Paul
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