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  1. Strange....a simple restart of the Mac is solving all the problems...Thnx for the support..Harry
  2. Thnx for your answer Gpzt. I'm a litte desparate. I did all your suggestions. I Unstalled Nik and Installed is again. There are no links with DXO , I followed exact the instruction video. I am just using a Imac instead of Windows.
  3. Is there any possibility to return to the earlier version of AF? It is almost impossible to re-install NIK every day. I"m using it semi-professional and it takes every dag a lot of time and energy and causes a lot of irritation.
  4. OK, thnx MEB, I'll hope there will come a solution. greatings...
  5. Is there Any posibility it has to do with the last update? I can't remember I got this problem before.
  6. That' s right. Nik is disappearing from my filters. When I am trying to re- installing it, I can't reach my preferences. The only way to solve this is to start up with CTRL pressed. To clean it all and then I can reach the preferences again to re -install NIK. I am sorry if I'm confusing you. I did't have installed other pluggins.
  7. The plugin disappears en THEN a'm starting up with CTRL. its the only way to get into the preferences again. I Can' t adept the preferences when the NIK plugin has disappeart.
  8. Thanks for your reply MEB. You understood me correctly. It disappear from my filtermenu. The only way to get it back is clearing the settings /pressing the CRTL button when starting it up en cleaning my setting en reinstalling it.
  9. I Got Affinity photo for a couple of months now, without any problem. There is only a problem with the Nik-software. It disapear every couple of days. Re-installing without any problem but a few days later is gone again. Any solution?
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