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  1. i've watched a few videos of affinity designer for ipad and i've noticed that you can use a brush and the harder you press it changes color, is it possible to do this on the windows version?
  2. I am sorry if this might look like spam but I am just trying to show you the problems I'm having with the app
  3. I am getting the notification in app its self. also today Ive just opened a designer file I was working on and now the app is telling me that the file is from a newer version. the app now shows I have not uninstalled the app or anything I have no idea what is going on but its only been the past few weeks its been doing this for me
  4. I have the windows 10 store version of affinity photo and designer and both of them are telling me to update when I launch the app BUT I have checked the windows 10 store for updates to apps I also have auto updates on aswell
  5. £80 of credit I wouldnt have no reason to buy anything from the windows store, I got it because I thought it was the only way of me buying affinity photo and designer really cheap. like I said I wasnt expecting it to be missing features and not to be on sale for the normal exe. I could have pirated the software but chose to support the developers
  6. just realised I cant get a reufund as I paid for the order using windows store cards so I wont be able to use the money to buy it from the affinity store its self
  7. I just had a look at the serif labs supported cameras for 200d and couldnt see it in the list. I was planning on buying one just after xmas when all the sales start in stores
  8. I dont think there is a tablet mode, Ive not seen any palm rejection etc like sketchbook offers. you can put pressure mode on for painting etc but for other stuff you have to make sure you dont touch the screen (surface pro 4 user)
  9. I have spoken to someone from your team on twitter, I was under the impression that the windows store had better features but the same as the normal exe. I have found out that lightroom doesnt work plugins dont work and I also dont get to try beta's I would have rather payed the extra £10 for the exe version, I only paid for the windows store version because it was going to cost me less for the software and to top it now the serif store has the normal version for the same price.
  10. Think I fixed the problem, so I made a macro by pressing record then hitting a ton of random things then I exported it, Tried to import it *(again didnt import) I then pressed add to library once I got the tab I then got a screen that looked the same as the guide I then added the 3 files I got from purchasing the app. Hope this helps Dynasty
  11. my bad in the first post I said game I meant app, I have followed the instructions despite them being outdated, Ive opened the macro window it pops up on the left of the ui I then make sure I have a document opened then hit the import on the far right it I then try and open the file and nothing happens after that
  12. just bought the game off the windows 10 store the macros wont install gonna try the gradeUI and see if that installs
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