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  1. OK Dan Winver below I will try the new account setup in the next day or so, but not now, as I'm very busy with work stuff.
  2. Hi again Dan I just ran the Windows Compatibility trouble-shooter and it reckoned that Designer wasn't compatible with Windows 10
  3. Hi Dan I followed your suggestion and overrode high DPI - had no effect. I also did it for Designer - same. Rather than unplug the other monitors, I turned them off using the NVIDEA Control Panel App. Again, no difference. I logged out, restarted and logged back in, but still it made no difference. I didn't physically unplug the other monitors, as due to a disability, II cant access the connections to unplug. Using the App made no difference either, so I turned the monitors back on. Everything else OK, but still no Designer. Any more ideas? There must be a solution surely.
  4. Hi Dan I have three monitors connected to my NVIDEA Geforce GTX 980 card. I have recently - last 3 months - done a bit of reconfiguring monitors, in that I added a 32" Samsung 4K monitor for CAD purposes All other apps seem to be working fine. I don't use either of the appwindow apps you mentioned (AquaSnap or WindowsGrid). I just run with Win10 Home 64bit and the NVIDEA drivers appropriate to my card - pretty boring really, but enough to be trouble for Designer it seems Just checking, Affinity photo 1.7.3 opens on any of my screens
  5. Hi Dan. Thx for reply Sere .dmp file attached When I tried the hardware flag task, I got the following: "A required privilege is not held by the client" But I am the Administrator of my machine, so should be able to make changes I would have thought. Then I tried the uninstall app from Microsoft via the link you sent and Affinity Designer wasn't visible. Then going in via Apps & Features, it still wasn't there, which is weird. So, I re-installed Affinity Designer and it still didn't open, but it is there in Apps as I checked on .,NET 4.8 and it was checked. It still doesn't open I'm afraid, even if I try to run as Administrator. Then in frustration, I allowed photo to update to 1.7.3 and it did, when I had expected it to fail. I've put in the event log as previously requested. Also SetupUI. Still not working. What next Dan? Nick 3d14ef3d-cd95-4e1e-9266-c2b0d1427dbf.dmp Affinity_Designer_woes.evtx SetupUI.log
  6. Hi Walt I followed your instructions - I think, but sorry to say, didn't work. I only have one functioning hand, but use a weight to activate the CTRL Key. Generally, this works, but in this instance, not. Any other ideas?
  7. Hi Dan I tried starting Designer with the CTRL key pressed and nothing happened. No Clear User Data window either I'm afraid. I then changed Windows Features as you suggest to get this - see screen grab below. After a restart, still nothing I'm afraid. One of the early replies suggested installing .NET Framework 4.8 which I did. Affinity Photo still opens - but I've done nothing more with it. Still hoping for a solution.
  8. Hi Dan I've since located a Designer .exe file in my Program Files folder. I suspect therefore that Designer did install, but just doesn't open. When I try to start it, I get the little spinning blue ring for a few seconds then it goes away and the app hasn't opened. Intriguingly, Affinity Photo does open and I suspect that there is likely to be a lot of common elements to both apps, so why one opens and the other doesn't I'm intrigued. I have, I hope, reinstalled my NVIDEA drivers, but Designer still fails to open, as I describe above. I found the log file - see attached. Look forwards to hearing from you Log.txt
  9. Hi Dan C Thanks for getting back to me. Couldn't find Affinity setupUI log, but did find 2 x setupUI.exe, which I attach below. Not sure what to try next on that one I'm afraid. Also tried to installnet48 again, but got message it was already there - see pic attached. Did get dxdiag - file attached. Otherwise, over to you for more suggestions please? Nick SetupUI.exe.log SetupUI.exe.log DxDiag.txt
  10. Hi Dan C Thanks for getting back to me. I struggled to find setup.UI file, but have attached event log, which I hope helps. Very keen to get my Affinity Designer programme running again. Interestingly, I have Affinity Photo installed, which opens as far as telling me there's a new version available. I haven't upgraded, as that's where it went wrong with Designer. I have however managed to open a sample file that was included with it. I also attach my proof of purchase FYI Regards Nick Giles Event_log_10-01-20.evtx
  11. This evening, after quite a while, I went to sign in to Affinity Designer. The splash screen came up and it immediately advised me that a new version 1.7.3 was available to rep[lace 1.7.2, which I had. I downloaded it and attempted to install it. It didn't complete and then I was unable to open it when trying thereafter. I uninstalled the new version 1.7.3 and re installled it from my account, but again it wouldn't work! I'm using Windows 10 Home V1909 OS build 18363.535 & WinZip Utilities, but otherwise my config is very ordinary and my various programmes seem to work well on a regular basis. please help me sort this Many thanks
  12. gilesnick59

    Installing V 1.6.1

    Hi All I googled how to uninstall a program that wouldn't uninstall and found the Microsoft Uninstall tool. I downloaded it and it worked perfectly and I was then able to install 1.6.1 without incident. I did however have to find my key and put it in to activate Designer. Thanks for your help. SORTED
  13. gilesnick59

    Installing V 1.6.1

    Sima Thanks for the reply. I followed the advice, but when I went to Wim10 Apps to delete Affinity, I discovered that only Ver showed as installed, despite my having installed 1.6 from a link in a recent Affinity e-mail. When I tried to Uninstall it, I got a message telling me that "The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists..." No matter how I search, I cant find file Affinity.msi anywhere. Sorry if I'm sounding stupid, but I'm struggling to sort this out.
  14. gilesnick59

    Installing V 1.6.1

    DWright Thanks for the reply. I guess I use the product key from my original purchase, if it's requested?
  15. Hi All I installed the 1.6.0 upgrade a few days ago and it worked fine. Yesterday, on opening, I got a message telling me that a New Version was available. I followed the link, downloaded 1.6.1 and attempted to install, but about half way through validating the install, I got a message to close Affinity Designer before continuing. I selected Close the Application and pressed OK. Then I got a message telling I was trying to use an unavailable Network Resource. It suggested I use a different source on my C drive, so I pressed OK and a new message suggesting that the Affinity.MSI file could not be found. I was unable to find it on my machine. The installation file I saved to my Downloads Folder was a .EXE file, not an MSI file. Do I need to uninstall 1.6.0 manually before installing the .EXE file from my Downloads folder? All suggestions gratefully received.

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