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  1. I cannot use affinity photo with professional work cuz of awful brush engine.. I cannot draw simple curve with my wacom tablet. There is no problem with draw curve with mouse but wacom tablet? It's useless in affinity photo.
  2. I think Affinity photo is lack of tablet support. I cannot draw very short line with my tablet (affinity photo ignores it). I am using intuos 4. If i want to draw very short line, I should zoom my image. (Affinity photo for ipad has same problem with apple pencil.) Even Pixelmator - I don't think it's real pro photo editing or painting tool - can do this easily. And I cannot draw a curve quickly. If I do that, affinity photo draws some short lines not a real curve. I think line stabiliser update is very awesome but I cannot use it cuz of these problems. please make it better.