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  1. Just checking back in on this....are there any plans to fix/implement this feature/capability? Or, is there a valid workaround that doesn't include installing Lightroom? I really don't want to use that software any longer. Thanks!
  2. Just tested with an uncompressed RAW file. Worked perfectly. It also opens with Windows Photos, as well. Thank you for the help! I wish I had realized what I needed to change, earlier.
  3. Also, my apologies for the confusion. I completely forgot about that setting I found when I first got the camera.
  4. Actually, now that you mention it, I did find a mode earlier that is "uncompressed".....I used it once and the files were coming out at ~88mb each, so I turned it off. I'm going to try an uncompressed ARW file when I get home this evening. Thank you for the reply!
  5. Not that I know of. Quality setting "RAW" on the camera. Would you like me to collect settings from the camera or logs from the Affinity Photo application? I've recently transitioned from Photoshop / Lightroom to Affinity Photo on my iPad and PC and I ordered the Workbook. Trying to support this fantastic product as much as possible and I'd like to help the devs get this resolved. Let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help the process!
  6. Well, I re-installed Windows 10 completely and it now opens the RX1RM2’s ARW files in the Windows Photos app just fine, although it still doesn’t work in Affinity Photo (same behavior as before), of which I was able to re-install a trial version. Note that neither Photoshop nor Lightroom have had any issues with opening these, even when Windows Photos couldn’t. Here is a screenshot of the behavior: https://imgur.com/uvpyqu1
  7. Uploading now. I think this may be a problem with my desktop, specifically. When I simply double-click the ARW file and try to open it through Windows Photos, It shows the image for a second and then pops up and error stating it can't read the file. I do NOT have this issue when opening the file in the same manner on my work PC (also Windows 10). It should also be noted the file opens fine in Affinity Photo for iPad.
  8. Good morning, folks Recently, I downloaded the Affinity Photo trial for Windows as I loved the app on my iPad and wanted to see if the desktop version could replace a Photoshop CC subscription. Unfortunately, the program opens RAW files from my new camera (Sony RX1R II) as almost all white. I see 2 images (I assume a before and live "after processing" preview) but both are all white. Is this normal behavior? On one of the images I imported, I could see *some* details, but it was mostly all white. Another image I tested last night was literally all white. Just a giant w
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