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  1. Dante Cat

    Affinity Photo not exporting

    I'm having the same problem. My affinity app just keeps trying to generate an export, but nothing happens. Here's one example - see screens or.
  2. Has there been further progress on these issues? I'm having all of them: really slow for in painting, cloning, and other basic steps. And generating export jpgs sometimes doesn't work at all on relatively simple photos.
  3. Dante Cat

    Panorama Bug

    Any word on this fix? I'm still having this problem.
  4. Thanks! I understand. This will help a lot.
  5. The clone, heal, inpainting tools are not working on layers other than the original background layer. I checked to make sure I’m working on a pixel layer, opacity is 100%, flow is 100%, hardness is 0 or 10% (didn’t work with either), blending is normal, it’s set for the current layer. I can set the source with my finger, but it just doesn’t do anything. It does work on the background layer, though when I switched the order of the layers, it still didn’t work on anything other than the original background layer. Please fix.