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  1. I´ve closed the Catalyst Control Centre. It doesen´t help! Also some other processes, but the same result. Processes that I do not know, I wouldn't like to close, because I know too little about it! Not that my computer makes problems afterwards!
  2. Hi Sean, when I open one and the same picture several times in a row, it does not always flicker. So it does not seem to be the picture. I made you 2 screenshots of Task Manager.
  3. Hello, my problem is: when editing some pictures the rulers flicker. Very noticeable and disturbing! No matter what tool I use. I noticed that the problem does not occur with all images. Also, there seems to be no pattern!? It seems arbitrary. I've attached a video in which you can see that quite well. It was already in the previous version and I was hoping that it will be fixed in the new version. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Sorry about my english! Thanks. 2017-11-29 at 22-34-34.mp4