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  1. Thanks for suggestion. Now it is stable enough to use, I can see value of product and so have requested to be put on beta list. Several things in the list interest me as they address niggles I still have. Probably the main one being shadow / highlight algorithm which does not do what I want in AP (I want it to do someting similar to Lightroom). Cheers, John
  2. Just a note from me to say things may be looking up WRT stability. Time will tell, but here is what my edited review on App Store says... Edited my review from 1 star to 3 and I hope to be back to increase this further... My first day with this app went very badly. After the first 24 hours, the app became unstable to the point of of crashing before I finished opening a photo. After getting VERY cross with Photo , I calmed down and tried for forgive it as there is simply nothing else I have found that gives me the features I am looking for in a photo app on the iPad (e.g. Adobe Lightroom for IOS did not have HDR merge and Panoramic merge). Somwhere in the process of deleting the app, upgrading IOS, rebooting the iPad and reinstalling the app, things got better. I have been running for several days now and Photo looks a stable. Time will tell... I am still not as perficient in Photo as I am in Lightroom, and yet I am very impressed by Photo’s capabilites. My Canon 5d MkIV Raw files import well from Dropbox and can be made to look stunning. Its a Potentially a great app, but just a quesiton mark over stability holding me back over recomending it. If Photo proves to be stable after the second time I installed it, I will update my review and up my App Store rating from 3 to 5 stars. Version 1.6.5. IOS 11.1.2
  3. Good point on the IOS security fixes.
  4. Thank you. There is no special reason why I was on 110.3., other than the apple would not offer option to upgrade until battery was more than 50% and this never happened until yesterday. Looking at the IOS release notes, I could not find anything that could explain Photo crashing, but be interested if anyone has any hard information to suggest los upgrade fixes Photo crashing every time I try to open a project or photo. Cheers, John
  5. Initially impressed with the app, which I bought to do HDR merge that is not available in my Adobe Lighroom for iPad. I even hoped I could cancel my Adobe subscription. First couple of photos imported from Dropbox well and edited OK, if a little slow to do HDR etc. WIth this success, I imported a days worth of photos from Dropbox (about 30 x CR2 RAW files from Canon 5D MkIV). Then things went very wrong. When I opened the project with 30 odd photos the app crashed. On resterting, I opened the project and it was OK. Then I tried to open a photo and app crashed. Next time it crashed opening the project. Every time, it crashed opening a file or even just opening the project. I tried deleting photos and every 2nd photo it crashed. Such a pittty, as this app promised so much more than the market leading Adobe range, but that no good if u cannot run it for more than 5 minutes before it crashes. Good news is that Apple gave me my money back yesterday as I had given up on the app after 24 hours. Bad news is I cannot find an alternaive for my iPad. So, let me know when u can gatantee me you have a stable product and I will happily pay you 20 pounds. Version 1.6.5 IOS 11.0.3 iPad Air 2 Regards, John
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