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  1. Marvellous .... Thank you so much that has done the trick !! Many thanks ..... Sappy ...
  2. Hi I just upgraded to v1.7 Affinity Photo ..... I seem to be having an issue with my CR2 Raw files from my Canon EOS 5D. In v1.65 I would drop my CR2 file into Photo and adjust the Exposure and raise it up a touch until it looked fine in the main panel. When I developed the file it looked just as it did in the main panel and displays correctly. HOWEVER, when I do the same process in v1.7 and get the picture Exposed correctly in the main window and then Develop it .... ..... the picture when developed comes out alot more exposed. (Alot more exposed to the point it is nearly blown out) Could somebody please explain what it is I am doing wrong as I have had to roll back to v1.65. Many thanks ....
  3. Thanks Guys ..... I shall give both methods a try ..... the Inpainting Fill seems to work okay on thin tanlines but larger ones nearer clothing are a little hit and miss. But thank you so much for replying .... very kind ..... Sappy ....
  4. Hi Guys .... I am brand spanking new here and have been using Affinity for a short while. I am having difficulty in removing tan lines from pictures and getting a seamless skin colour continuity. Could somebody kindly point me to a Tutorial or how to register a request for one ? Many thanks .... Sappy Loo
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