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  1. Hi Chris_K The problem seem to be random. I’ve tried replicating it last night but to no avail. I’ve tried different files (NEF, PEF and even JPG) and must’ve clicked every button and adjusted sliders in every Persona but I simply could not replicate the problem. If I can provide a few more details, when the issue occurred it was instantaneous as if a button was clicked. The image is still there but colors where gone and the exposure dropped significantly. The histogram, if I remember correctly where all white and crammed on the left side, while all the sliders are at "0" (Center). I can bring up the exposure slider to lighten up the image but it’s still gray. I did manage to add “hints” of color to it but we’re talking Vibrancy and Saturation sliders at 100%. I will try to at least capture a screenshot when the issue occurs again. Thanks for looking into it.
  2. Apologies if this has been reported before but I’ve been evaluating the trial version of Affinity Photo for Windows (v1.6.0.89) for a few days now and so far, I have encountered three times what seem to be a bug where the image I’m working on suddenly turns dark gray. The UI is normal, only the image is affected. First instance is with a NEF file from a Nikon D500. The Image opened correctly (Colored) and was able to edit in Develop Persona. While working in basic tab, the photo suddenly turned dark gray. At first, I thought I may have done something wrong while editing. Moving the history slider back to the left did not do anything other than vary the exposure lightly. At this point, it didn’t matter what Persona I’m in or what slider I adjusted, the image stayed dark gray. I canceled the edit and closed AP, then reopened the same file only to come up colored for about two seconds then went back to dark gray. Third time seem to be a charm as it opened the same file correctly and was able to edit in Develop Person and eventually exported the image. Second instance was a day or two later with a different NEF file/photo but from the same Nikon D500. Third occurrence was with an old PEF file from a Pentax K5. This one I was already done editing and was simply looking around the image for a final check before exporting when it simply turned dark gray. Closing/Reopening AP did the trick but unfortunately, in doing so I’ve also lost all the editing I made. Has this issue been reported before or am I the only one? My system: Toshiba Laptop (Windows 10 Home / 64bit) CPU: Intel Core i7-4720HQ @ 2.60GHz Mem: 16GB Storage: Samsung SSD 500GB Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600
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