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  1. Just to clarify, when I open up .JPG which had been developed in the camera I get information about what kind of camera and what kind of objective I took the photograph with. But not my settings on the camera. When I open up .NEF I get no information what so ever.
  2. Hmmm....I have no exiftool.exe in my programdata folder. Is it possible to copy/paste it from one of the other folders I have it in, to the correct path in the programdata folder ?
  3. I have updated to and I still have the problem. Tried to exclude exifitool.exe in my antivirus as well, there were 3 copies of the program, two in different temp-folders and one in the affinity folder. I excluded them all in the antivirus program but still can't see the camera info. Is it really important to only use english ASCII-type letters ? As I do not use an english version of Windows, my Temp-folder is located in subfolders where there are some "รค" and "_". While both of them are ASCII-type, they are not english.
  4. Hello Sean, The two files are in the dropbox
  5. Hello, The only weird character in my username is a "_" but I believe that one is an ASCII character as well ? I'll wait for 1.6.1 and see if it fixes my problems. thanks
  6. Hi guys, I am fairly new to photo editing in general and Affinity photo in particular. However, I have used affinity photo since the last release and now I am using the build. I like it a lot, but I have experienced one bug so far. It is a little annoying bug. I have startet to take pictures in RAW, as I have a Nikon camera the file format is .NEF. When I load the RAW image in Affinity photo I do not get any camera data. It just says "no camera data" at the top. I am missing my used optics settings etc. If I check the properties of the files in Windows, I see all the information that I want to be shown in Affinity. If I open the files in Nikons program Capture NX-D, I can also see the information. At first I thought there were some kind of problem with the .NEF files so I opened the files in Capture NX-D, exported them to .Tiff files and then opened them in Affinity, but I still couldn't see the camera data. So there seems to be a problem with camera data information for RAW files in general for Affinity photo. Does anybody else have the same problem as me ? Is this something you can adress in the next release ? Other than this bug I am very happy with my purchase so far and I want to say thanks to Serif for a good photo editing software !
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