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    Affinity Photo Flood Select Tool issue

    Yes, I know. But as long as I drag over green only, I don't expect other colors, like gray, to be selected. I have tried a few minutes ago another picture and dragging over green exclusively, with tolerance as low as 0%, it selected also yellow parts of the picture. And again - initially selection was OK and then jump to much higher tolerance and much broader selection.
  2. Jakub Roguski

    Affinity Photo Flood Select Tool issue

    Hi Sean, Please watch my video once again and put your attention to the second example - the picture with green background. Please note what are the selected area and the tolerance before the picture turns black and what they are after the picture is back. Just before the picture disappears the selection is very good and the tolerance is 2%, but when the picture is back, the tolerance is 31% and selected is not only green background (what I selected) but also some parts of the white / grey flower. I did not do anything in-between - mouse button was released and no action taken by me. I have tried with smaller, jpg files - you are right regarding the "blackout": in case of smaller files it does not show or is significantly shorter, but I still see a two-step selection: initially exactly what I wanted to select and correct tolerance and then jump to higher tolerance and selection of additional parts of the image with color totally different than what I was dragging over.
  3. Hi, This is related to Affinity Photo just purchased in the Affinty shop. When I use the Flood Select Tool the picture disappears and the selected is much more than I wanted it to be, sometimes even entire picture, Please have a look at the video: Flood Select Tool issue. What can be causing such problem? Jakub