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  1. Thanks for the reply. Attaching the file. Leigh_Village_TJ_COGS_place_types_2017-11-10.tif
  2. .afphoto file of the same content opens with all layers intact on iPad. So I guess the problem is important from Photoshop on the iPad.
  3. I just bought Affinity Photo for Mac and opened the same file. All the layers appear to be imported correctly as separate layers. So I'm guessing that this is indeed a bug in Affinity Photo for iPad. Maybe I can work around it by saving this file from Affinity Photo Mac, and the iPad will then see the layers correctly. Will try that. But the bug should still be fixed.
  4. Thanks. I had not read it but just did. It doesn't say what layers can and cannot be imported. In my case text layers were imported as layers, but pixel layers did not retain their layer identity. Is this generally true or is it due to something about the specific layer organization of my file? More generally, what layer information from Photoshop will be imported, and what will not?
  5. I have a TIF with many layers, with two groups and a few ungrouped layers. One group is text layers, the other group is just normal pixel layers. All the ungrouped layers are just normal pixel layers. The text layers are opened (and converted to pixels). However all the other layers are flattened into one that becomes the bottom layer. I have not experimented with going back to Photoshop to move, ungroup or eliminate layers, I though I'd ask for feedback here first. I can send you the TIF if you want, nothing all that sensitive.
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