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  1. Thanks mrh2. Serif sent me some the settings and I should have posted them here sooner; my apologies everyone. In the Develop Assistant (shown in the second and third screen shots in my second post), I just needed to select the appropriate RAW engine: Apple (Core Image Raw). I had Serif Labs selected earlier. This change did the trick.
  2. Thanks, wps. Boy, the software guys sure need some standardisation in development. CedarHouse, wps, I finally found one setting that I needed to change: my RAW output format was set to 32-bit RGB in Assistant Options; should have been 16 bits. But I have to select "Apply tone curve" to get some semblance of sanity. The screen shot above is the intent for output. This screen shot (above) is with "Take no action" in the Tone curve selection. The next is with the AP Tone curve applied. Closer to the original intent but not quite. I'd still have to edit--I'd still need to boost Exposure, Saturation, Vibrance and possibly Contrast in AP. Here are the colour space settings in Preferences... in case I've got something wrong there... Thanks, again.
  3. Thanks, CedarHouse. This worked for lens correction but exposure and colour rendering are still quite different. If I export as a TIFF, no problem. But as DNG, I have to adjust exposure, saturation, vibrance and contrast to get the desired look I had previously achieved in DxO PhotoLab. Not sure if the new local corrections are making through to Affinity either... I'm not there yet but what you suggested is a big step forward for me. There must be a way... I've attached screen shots below. The lighter skin is Affinity and the dark, DxO.
  4. I'm evaluating Affinity Photo in a work flow that uses DxO PhotoLab to apply lens as well as basic colour & exposure corrections. When I export from DxO into Affinity, photos look significantly different. Is there something I'm overlooking? Can someone please suggest how I can carry forward all of the work done in DxO before I begin more detailed work in Affinity Photo? Thanks.
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