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  1. Yep thats correct. Thanks for all your help, was a tricky one!
  2. I can confirm that a newly released version of My Endpoint Protector ( has resolved this issue.
  3. Have sent an email to their support team. FYI this problem does not seem to occur where My Endpoint Protector is installed, ONLY So at least we have a workaround for now.
  4. Ok, I will discuss with them. At least we found the root cause!
  5. For some reason I tried it out again and this time it generated a crash report! I mentioned this forum topic in the notes. Reference: 8760f961-3593-4d0b-890c-07d815073596.
  6. No problem, this is the software: https://www.endpointprotector.com/products/my-endpoint-protector-SaaS I'll try and older version of it to see if it has the same issue.
  7. Ok, so it looks like the problem relates to a piece of software we use called "My Endpoint Protector". Uninstalled it, Photo works fine, re-installed it and the issue occurs. This is something that has to stay installed because it locks down USB ports etc.... So how do we go about getting to the bottom of the issue? Not sure why its working on my W10 1709 PC though.
  8. Will do some more testing. Just tried on the laptop in safe mode and it works as expected.
  9. Also tried on another laptop running W10 1703 and getting the same issue. It's probably caused by some 3rd party bit of software but how do we track it down? These PCs have loads of software installed as they are business machines.
  10. Further update. I installed another licence of photo on another PC in the office and they have exactly the same issue in Photo. They are running Windows 10 1607.
  11. Updated to Windows 10 1709 last night and it's fixed it, no idea what caused it though!
  12. No, afraid not. Right handed, no touch.
  13. Windows 10 1703. Have lots of different software installed but only thing I have relating to the mouse is Element Gaming mouse software (have tried with that closed but not uninstalled, however this has always been installed, including when it was working fine). Any reason why it wouldn't be at least creating a crash report?
  14. Sure, see attached. Also no there are no crash reports in that folder that get generated during the crash.
  15. Thanks for your help so far. I can't see it being an issue with config in the 1.0 folder since I've cleared and re-installed and the same problem persists. Designer always used to work fine (1.5) but prior to the 1.6 update this issue appeared, I upgraded to 1.6 at the time hoping it would fix the issue. In the meantime I bought Photo only to find it has the exact same issue.
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