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    Estabilizador com o tablet XP-Pen - Bug

    Well, the problem was that 1709 was clean installed too I allways clean install big updates from MS official ISO. Thats why i could not just roll back update, i had to install 1511 windows from the start. About Wacom drivers - problem with those chinese tablets is that you cannot have other tablet installed. Absolutely no other tablet at all, only XP-Pen. You cannot never, ever install any other device of those kind next to XP-Pen, so you can sell your Wacom, sorry. Another problem is that you have to uninstal Wacom drivers with some kind of uninstaller (NOT THE WINDOWS ONE!!), that can scan deep in to your registry. Good luck Anatarssa
  2. Ok, I managed to fix my issue. Affinity is not to blame, not even XP-Pen drivers, it was obviously Windows 10. 2 days ago i installed Creator update (1709). I had to reinstall Windows once again (1511 version) and everything works FLAWLESS! No issue what so ever! Probably will stick with Affinity Designer, great software, and price - amazing! I hope greedy Adobe will die!! For others with Windows 10, DO NOT INSTALL CREATOR UPDATE (1709), BUGGY AS F**K! Obviously MS is blaming everyone else but not them salves. They stick in our throught their buggy updates and tell us its for our own good. F**K U MS!!! I lost whole night to solve this, readed tons of forum posts, wasted time Thank you Mark Ingram for your time, and sorry for trouble. Cheers!
  3. Hi, i recently started to test Affinity Designer becouse license for my PS 2018 will end soon and i need cheaper alternative. I have XP-Pen Artist 22 tablet. Problem is it doesent work at all. Cursor is on the far left edge of the screen all the time! It works with PS 2018 CC, it works with Clip Studio Paint EX. I had similar problem with Clip Studio Paint, but after changing tablet service to tablet PC in options it works perfectly. I cannot uncheck windows ink in tablet drivers becouse then my photoshop and Clip Studio have the same problem, and Affinity still doesent work. Reinstaling drivers (3 times) doesent work. Is there some kind of option in Affinity that im missing like in Clip Studio? My OS is Windows 10 64 bit "creative update".