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  1. etlund

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    I feel like it's worth mentioning that I'm having the same, odd, pressure sensitivity issues as described above using my Apple Magic Trackpad (or the built in trackpad on my MBP). I'm not using a Wacom tablet.
  2. Here's my work-around for when the context toolbar disappears: "View" > "Customize Toolbars..." In the bottom left corner, choose View: "Icon and Text" and click "Done." The context toolbar appears. Switch the toolbar back to "Icon Only" Hopefully that works for you too. Eric
  3. etlund

    Can't find layers panel?

    I run into this pretty regularly in Designer when I unplug my external monitor to work only on my MBP display. Separated mode loses things including the Layers panel and I'm forced to 'Reset Studio' pretty often. It makes custom panel layouts a futile effort. (I don't want to sound like a downer, Designer is one of my favorite pieces of software ever!)

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