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  1. A friend recently was able to use Affinity to identify the camera I used (a Lumix GH5) and the date and settings etc I used to take the picture.I sent him. How do you do that?
  2. I want to add music to a webplus8 website with the music starting when the site is opened But all I can see is that a music icon is placed on te site, which takes you out of the site into a music player. THere is aoption sayig ' start on opening' but doesn't seem to work. The music is on my Pc
  3. Thanks for the reply. A while ago you said this.... "If you have (and like) PagePlus then please keep using it when needed as well as using Affinity applications. We like it and have made the Affinity Workbooks using it, [and ironically may well make an Affinity Publisher one in it too, because we have the template all set up already]." It's a pity if you have dropped the idea. I'm puzzled about why you did them for Design and Photo but not publisher. Didn't they sell well? Tom
  4. Is there any intention to produce a User Guide for Affinity Publisher - preferably on the lines of those for PagePlus? I found that very useful. I have the Workbooks for Affinity Photo and Designer, but they are a bit over elaborate for amateur users like me.
  5. Thanks Walt I had been clicking on it and using the right click mouse menu. that doesn't to seem to work. Delete key does. Can you help with something else please? In PagePlus you could drag objects off the document you were working on and park them on the workspace beside it Leaving them fully visible. with Publisher they just disappear into the blackness. Running the mouse over them reveals that the frames are still there but you can't see what they are till you drag them back onto the document. Is there anyway to get them to remain visible like PagePlus?
  6. Using Publisher. I'm amending a newsletter previously created with PagePlus How do I delete text frames? I can delete the text but each time I try to delete the frame it pops up again. I assume there must be an easy way of doing it but I can't find it!
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